Woodshop Specialties


We Overhaul Equipment

Own a machine that is not performing like it used to? 


Chances are we can put it back to new condition to give you a full duty cycle of service.

Many older machines perform better and longer than the new import models.
Remanufactured Equipment


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New Equipment Lines Offered

Abrasives by Alliance Abrasives (good value)

Accurate Technology Products

Amana Products

Biesemeyer Products

Byrd Tool Products

Carter Products

Casadei Machinery

Charles Schmidt Products

Delmac Group Products: Busellato, Celaschi, Gabbiani, CPC, SAG, Mayer, Omal, Fravol

Dodds Dovetailers

Electric Motors (Various Brands)

Freeborn Tool Products

HTC Products

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Obsolete Parts









Most parts for machinery out of production are not available.  We have many new "old" parts in stock as well as a large selection of used serviceable parts.

However, when not available, we can perhaps repair or rebuild your part, or make a new part using yours as a pattern. Our well equipped machine and welding shop offers a wide scope of services.

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Used Equipment

We do not sell used equipment as a general rule.

Folks do not dispose of used equipment because it is running great. There is usually something wrong from wear or even from the original manufacture.

Therefore we completely disassemble, inspect, rebuild or replace, reassemble and paint and create a product we label remanufactured. This, then, is as good as, and in some cases, BETTER than the original

They are a good value at typically 60-70% of new cost. The older machines usually have bigger abd better quality castings than what is available today.


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